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Key Interview: Carbery Address Protein Trends in Sports Nutrition Sector 03 Apr 2017 --- Dairy proteins have long been the cornerstone of the sports nutrition market. Demand for protein continues to grow not only within core markets but also across the broader food and beverage categories. Ingredient suppliers like Carbery are focused on adapting their portfolio of dairy ingredients to continue to provide innovate solutions to meet evolving consumer needs. FoodIngredientsFirst recently caught up with Sarah O’Neill, Marketing Manager at


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I usually mix my protein powder with Almond Milk and if I run out, on occasion I will use regular milk. Never water. Today I was out of Almond Milk and didn’t really want to use regular milk, so I followed one of the recommendations on the PRO-X package and mixed it with water. I was surprised at how smooth and great tasting it was. On a scale of 1-10 for taste, 9 or 9.5 in my opinion. I’ve been using the PRO-X protein powder for about a week now and I’ve tried it various ways. I’ve tried mixing it with bananas,